Sunday, June 15, 2008

Him & Her

My hubby is going away for a week without me and as I assured him that I would be fine on my own I got to thinking about how it works with men and women when one goes away and the other stays home.

This is what I have observed. It would seem to me that when a women goes away and leaves her hubby at home alone that he will get many invites out for supper, or out to do lots of fun things. When her hubby goes away and leaves the his wife at home there is seldom invitations to dinner or out for fun. She is usually the one who initiates the effort to fill her time with other people.

I think that it is interesting that we seem to think that women are better on their own at home than a man would be. Makes you wonder how bachelors do it. Maybe something happens after men get married, they become incapacitated with life at home. What is even funnier is that when their wives are home they can cook and clean almost as good as she can.

Anyway, just thought that this was an interesting observation. It's not a complaint, just interesting.

Since I started this blog, Hubby has come and gone. Guess what? I was invited out 2 times. It was great. I'm starting to wondering if maybe my observation may not be totally accurate. What do you think?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Random Rambling!

Hello! I'm back!

Thought that it was time to do a little rambling. It has been so long since I have been here to visit that it is hard to get my mind to work but setting that aside here it goes.

I have just turned the big 50! and I am back to the embracing my age thing. Yes, my hair is on the grow out again. I tried this once before as some of you may remember and lasted about to 3 inches of growth before I had to color it. Well, I'm at it again and this time I'm going to try a new tactic. My original thought was to just cut all my hair off to the gray, which is about an inch to inch and a half long. When I asked one of my friends what she thought, she suggested that I should get my hair highlighted with a silver blond and then let things just continue to grow. It sounds like it may be the way to go so I'm thinking about trying that.

What do you think? Think it will work? Hope that I don't look like I'm about to put one foot in the grave. Yikes!! Guess time will tell.

(Since starting this post I have seen the hairdresser and she suggested that I just cut it short and keep it that way til it grows out. So that is what I am doing and so far so good. However, I'm almost at the 3 in. again and it is getting tougher to hold out.)

Do you think that getting klutzy is something that happens when you get to my age? And do you think that it will last forever?

Today as I was making supper I could easily been on the Three Stooges with the calamity that was happening at the stove. I was making pancakes while talking to my sister on the phone. In order to keep them warm it required the oven to be turned on. I am not using my own stove and for some reason I couldn't get the oven on. After finally getting it, I went to open the door and boy was it springy. All of a sudden, bang! The door had slammed shut sending the pasta jar that sits on the back of the stove right into my frying pan with pancake batter it in. My sister stopped mid sentence to ask if everything was okay. I answered yes as I'm holding the phone on my shoulder, the spatula with two pancakes in one hand, trying to clean the mess and open the oven door all at once. (You never know with these glass pasta jars if direct heat will cause them to shatter.) When I finally got things under control my mind started to play one of those old movies with the Three Stooges or I Love Lucy. It seemed like I was living some of the things Lucy would get into. Yikes! I hope I'm not turning into Lucy.

Maybe I should drop the embracing my age with gray hair and just go straight to red?