Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What not to wear

Today I have a banquet to go to and as happens to all of us women the question is "What do I wear?"

I have fanned through the closet and although it is full I can't find anything to wear. I did manage to find a black pair of dress pants and I think a jacket that might work but no top. So now I have to go out and buy something that will complete this outfit. Have you ever noticed that for most of us women we always end up having to buy something for a special event?

If you have ever watched the show "What Not To Wear" you will understand the dilemma that I'm in. There are times that I have watched and thought how do they come up with the outfits that are supposed to be so much better than what they were wearing. In all fairness to the show, most of the time they improve the persons wardrobe. I appreciate that they will tell people to cover up that which shouldn't be seen by the public, but there are times I think that the outfits don't make an improvement.

Anyway, all that to say that it has made me realize that I don't have much style sense. I tend to stay in the same old groove of "blend in" with the same classic cut lines and things that cover me up to the point where there is no shape. I stay with the neutral colors of black and white, brown and cream and once in a while I splash it up with a little color that I tame down with a jacket or sweater.

If you read my blog on "color my world" you can see that with this style of mine it is pretty hard to get the "WOW" factor into my life. So here I am this morning all stressed out with what to wear tonight and hoping desperately that when it is all said and done people in the room will not be thinking about signing me up for the show "What Not To Wear". I will probably blend into the room, but I will be comfortable and happy not to stand out.

So wish me luck on my hunt to find "what you should wear".

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Color my world

I'm amazed at how some people can pick color combinations that I would never think to pick, and the combinations look great.

I've always wanted to be one of those people that could just look at things and put them together and have the world go "WOW". In my world that is not how it is, but in my imagination that is how I would like it to be. The reason I would like it that way is then all the worry would be off when painting or decorating or getting dressed for what ever event we are going to that is way out of my comfort zone. I know this may seem vain but there it is.

It really shouldn't matter what other people think and for the most part I can live with it, but then there are those times that I would like to hear that three letter word "WOW".

Wouldn't you like to be like that?

Come on, of course you would. It really isn't about vanity but about self assurance and acceptance and anxiety relief.

Anyway, I am helping my daughter-in-law paint in their house and she is one of those people that can put color together that makes you go "Wow". (It really is a gift.) Even if they aren't your colors you still can appreciate the combinations.

Well, my one consolation is that my daughter-in-law is close enough to help me get it right when it comes to "coloring my world".

Friday, November 9, 2007

Just loving it

Don't you just love it when someone tells you that you are the greatest.
Well, that is happening to me and it feels wonderful. I'm still looking after the boys, my grandsons, and although they keep me busy they are great for the self-esteem. There is nothing better then when they put their little arms around me and say "Grandma you are the greatest grandma ever." What's funny is that I don't have to even do much of anything, just make them feel good. Like make their sandwich, which they think at that moment is their favorite, or tuck them in at night and sing that little lullaby that their Mom sings to them. I get the words wrong but they tell me how great I did even though it wasn't quite the same as Mom's. I think one of my biggest smiles came when I got the movie to work in the van. (For me quite a feat seeings that I am electronically challenged.) Or the playstation turned on with the multiple remotes. (It's acually is a little embarrassing to have to ask my 5 year old grandson to show me how and he can do it.) Anyway, it is doing my heart good to feel so loved.

I know that this is one of those short lived things. They will grow and natually they will then marvel at how I will continue to manage in this world with the little I am able to do. They may even worry if I'll be able to get the TV turned on or figure the stereo out. ( Now I know that if my sons are reading this they are thinking "she can't do that now". And I know your right, but although I'm slow I still eventually get it. So enough out of you two. LOL) They will wonder how I manage without a blackberry or what ever they're called. And wonder why I don't get an updated cell phone, if they even exist by then. This is the cirle of life and although I'm not looking forward it, it will happen and all to soon.

But, for now, I just wanted to let you know that for the last couple of days and maybe still another few I am "the greatest grandma" for this little world and I'm loving it.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

"She's a Hotty"

I can hear you saying "who is a hotty"?
The answer to that is "I am a hotty".

How did I come to this conclusion? The story goes like this:

My hubby is the most adoring husband that there is and that is great. It keeps us happy. He decided one day a long time ago that the grandchildren should learn the phrase "Grandma is a hotty". This is very flaturing coming from my hubby because he thinks I'm a real catch. Yes, I can hear you thinking poor guy but the truth is that is how he feels. I don't know why and I don't get it but there it is and it makes our marriage a happy and secure one. Anyway, when hubby asks the kids "what is grandma" and they reply "Grandma is a hotty" it makes us laugh. (There are exceptions to that, like when they are running through church saying "Grandma is hotty", that is embarrassing.) The reality is that although my hubby thinks that I'm a hotty I do realize that in the real world that is simply not true.

Well today, I am a hotty. Yes, as young as I am, I am experiencing the dreaded heat that comes with age. HOT FLASHES! If this heat wave does not end soon, I may go crazy. And I mean wave because they just hit me full force like a wave in the ocean. I end up just as wet, it's just missing the refreshing part. Anyway, today and actually for the last 2 days I have become a hotty and let me tell you "it's no great shakes". If this is the only hotty I'm going to experience, and I'm positive that it is, then I think that I'll just pass. Some things are just over rated.

What about you. Are you a hotty or are you a "Hotty"?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Who's been sleeping in my bed?

One of the things that I love is when I climb into bed and my body can't absorb the goodness of the sheets and my pillow smells so good it makes me sigh!. I lay there and rub my legs across the sheets and almost giggle with how good they feel. This is the perfect state in which to experience a bed. Of course, all of this can only take place when there is enough room.

Like most couples my hubby and I sleep together, he is usually in bed before me, so in order for me to experience the euphoria of my bed I have to enjoy it after he heads off to work at the wee hours of the morning. When he heads off I often hug his pillow and enjoy the feel of the bed and the opportunity to sprawl out.

Well, as you know we are looking after the boys and with them missing their Mom they are often finding their way into our bed. (This is something that as a grandma I love.)

This morning I got to experience more love than I could handle when at 6:30a.m., just after my hubby closed the door on his way to work I hear the baby cry. I thought if I just take him to bed with me then maybe he won't wake the other two. The joke turned out to be on me and within 5 mins. I found myself with a bed full of bodies and there was not much sleep going on. In fact there was alot of laughter and jostling from the little bodies that thought it was funny to try and be in one bed together. At least I'm assuming that was what was going through their minds seeings that not much dialogue was going on. The youngest was giggling away and that got the other two going. Well it didn't take long for me to find myself up getting breakfast. As a matter of fact, being the great grandma that I am I decided to get them watching TV and being quiet so that I could enjoy my bed. ( Their Mom has told me on occasion that she does this.) I'm not sure where I went wrong but they had their tummies full and their glass of chocolate milk (I am a grandma), I just nicely got back to my bed, got almost to the sigh and I hear "Grandma, Kolton is in my chair and won't get out." I'm thinking "what part of quietly watch TV did I miss". After sorting that out I climb back in bed, rub my leg across the sheets and think ahhh! this is the life. Then I hear "Grandma I want to lay in here with you."

So, here I am blogging, at just after 8:00 a.m., about my need for the comfort of my bed. It's the next best thing.

By the way, every morning as the door closes from my hubby on his way to work I find my bed filling with little bodies that steel my heart. So, I guess that for the next 7 sleeps or so it will be an adventure to see who will be sleeping in my bed?

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Out of the mouth of babes

This week I am babysitting my 3 grandsons. It has been a very interesting time and I can now appreciate the funny things that Shauna tells me about the boys, especially when they are talking amongst themselves. This is the conversation that happened a couple of days ago.

The boys parents are away for 12 days and we are in day #3, on our way to church, running a little ahead of schedule and so have to kill some time in the van. Benen is feeling sad that his Mom is not around and is shedding tears, so Connor the older brother decides that he will console Benen.
The conversation went like this:

Benen: "I want my Mom."
Connor: "It's okay Benen, Mommy is on a trip"
Benen (sobbing): "I need my Mom"
Connor: "It's okay, Mommy is in Costa Rica on a holiday"
Benen continues to sob and Connor is starting to feel a little sad.
Connor: "It's okay Benen. I'll share my treasures with you, okay?"
Benen: "Your treasures? Okay."
Connor: "Yeah my treasures. They are Mom and Dad and Kolten and you. Those are my treasures."

Isn't life like that, it's "out of the mouth of babes" that we are often reminded what is most important in life. Our best treasures.

Make sure you take some time today to appreciate you greatest treasures.