Thursday, August 28, 2008

Speaking in Tongues?

As I'm sitting here catching up on the blogging world I'm struck again by the funny things my husband gets me into.

To night I asked him to listen to my comment that I had written on another blog and when I had finished reading it he said "good". Not an unusual answer but when I asked him my next question I got this strange sound in response. (I'd repeat it for you but it was so unusual I can't even remember it. (the pitfall of age).) As a matter of fact right now in the background there are all these mumblings going on. He is, yes, taking an on line Spanish lesson.

For months now he has been telling me that we need to take Spanish lessons and I've been waiting patiently for him to let me know when that is to take place. Well, I guess tonight is it for him. He hasn't told me yet that I need to start but I'm sure that it will be coming soon. It has hit my funny bone with how he is letting me know that the time is now.

This brings up memories of scuba diving, and down hill ski racing. Anyway, that is another topic and I must not get to far off track or I'll lose my thought that I'm working on.

Here it is, I think I going to learn Spanish.

Now, many of you may be thinking "what's so big a deal about that?"

MEMORY! That's the big deal.

I'm the person who has to make a mental note of where I park the car in relation to the store so that I can find the right aisle to find it again. I repeat in my mind as I look in that aisle "it is a green Jetta TDI" I am also the person that tells her friends and family to make sure that if they see me wandering the street to pick me up and take me home. (I can really relate to the old guy Arthur Abbott in The Holiday when Iris picks him up and takes him home.) This is why the thought of learning Spanish scares me.

So, here is my question for today "do you think it's cheating to ask God to give you the gift of tongues in Spanish?" Not trying to be disrespectful of God and the gift he gives but it would sure be helpful for me if he would just let me wake up one morning able to speak and understand Spanish. It would be so much easier.

Oh well,....just wondering?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Go! Go! Gadget #2

A while back I did a blog on gadgets and how I love them. Well this weekend while in the city I needed a new blender to go with my bosch kitchen centre. We found the store and boy was it a find! Here are the great finds that I got:

1) Paring knives that are no stick and dishwasher safe. To top it off they are even sharp. (I guess I'll see if they really keep their sharp edge after the dishwasher.) It also isn't supposed to stick to the food that it's cutting. Oh, by the way the grip is no slip.

2) A sconce pan. It is so cool. It is heavy and has the partitions for the sconce, cornbread, or biscuit. No cutting required, just put it in the pan and it comes out in the perfect wedge.

3) An onion keeper that looks like an onion. When you cut an onion and only need to use a portion of it, the rest goes in this keeper and is sealed so that you don't get a stinky fridge. When you next want to use that left over onion you look in the fridge and know exactly where it is. (They had tomatoes keepers and garlic keepers but I didn't get them. Thought it would be good to try this one out first to see if it really works.)

Well, that was my finds this weekend and I'm excited to try them. For me this is like Christmas. I know that for many of you it seems a little boring but I was so excited that I just had to share it with someone.

By the way, I will be visiting that store again when I'm in the city. There was so much to look at that I definitely need more time to unearth more great finds.

Anyone out there had any great finds lately?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Love is in the air

Are you a romantic?

I am. I know that is kind of a silly thing to ask but I was wondering if any of you out there find romance in the strangest places? It's easy to find romance in a movie or a book, but every so often it pops up just out of the blue when your least expecting it.

Well I don't normally but the other week at church while our pastor was giving his sermon, I all of a sudden found a "read it in a book kind of romance". You know the kind of romance that gives you tingley feelings and makes you wonder if there is another man in this world that could possibly be the hero that you just read about.

There I was sitting listening to the pastor; who, by the way, was not talking on romance at all but teaching in the book of Ruth on some other topic; when all of a sudden I got this visual image of Boaz arranging the events for insuring that Ruth would become his wife. Here he was just walking in his field when he spots this girl who is gleaning grain. She doesn't notice him but he is taken enough with her that he tells his hired men to make sure that she isn't sent away and in fact make sure that a little grain is left behind so that she would have enough. Then one day he invites her to have dinner with him and his hired crew. She was a little shocked and couldn't figure out why he was showing her such favor. I think that maybe he had a bit of a fascination with her and wanted a chance to get to know her. As time went on, and I think that maybe he had her take lunch at his table frequently, he realized that she was something really special and love bloomed in his heart. He then went through their cultural rituals and made sure that there could be no mistake in her having to be given to someone else. He thought of it all and made sure he covered all his bases so that she could be his.

I don't see how Ruth couldn't help but fall "head over heels" in love with him. Wouldn't you? Having someone persue you and make sure that no one else could prevent you from being together. That is a "knight in shining armor" moment.

In the end they did get married and I think lived happily ever after.

Know what else I think is interesting about this love story is that they didn't have this hate then love relationship. They would be a happily ever after couple because they complemented each other right from the start.

Anyway, there it is, romance in church. I know that the Bible has always had romance in there, after all, God is the creator of romance, but it has never hit me before where it moves my emotions and I can picture the scene playing out in front of me. It's not the mushy gushy stuff either but the way that Boaz looked out for Ruth and took care of her needs. Just gotta love him.

I am sure that if my pastor was to read this he would be shocked to realize where my mind went in his sermon but like I always say "There it is".

Well, I hope that you find a little romance in your day. It makes the heart feel good.