Thursday, September 27, 2007

hi-speed internet

Today when I was talking to my son about the glitch he had to fix on my computer so that I could use my hi-speed internet I realized that somewhere my brain was missing a charge.

My daughter said she would help me on my laptop to learn how to use my blog site. So Fri. night I headed to her place to have my lesson. I couldn't get on her wireless so she took my computer, clicked on all kinds of things, I have no idea where she found them, and "voila" we were on the internet. When the lesson ended I packed my laptop and headed home.

On Tues. night my Hubby could not connect. A little frustrated he inquires as to what we had done to the computer and I being the genius that I am replied with "I don't know". After attempting to correct the problem my Hubby went to bed frustrated.

Feeling bad I called my daughter first thing the next morning. "Can you get me back to where I turn on our internet?" She tried to get me around to solve the problem and undo whatever it was the she had done, but the truth be known she didn't know what she had done. I think her confession was something like "I don't know, I just clicked on different things and all of a sudden it worked. It was a fluke."

My mind could only think of how to let my Hubby know that we would have to get our computer tech. to fix this little problem that probably was some stupid click that anyone with any computer knowledge would know. It was going to be embarrassing, and cost us money.

Then my daughter with her wisdom says "Mom call son #2 and have him fix it. That's what he does. It's his job. He can fix it where I'm not sure what I'm doing."

I call Son#2 and sure enough he would come at the end of his work day and fix it, and it would only take him 5-10 min. I think he said something like "It's okay Mom, I do this all the time. You'd be surprised how often I get called out for this." He did come and fix it, we had simply changed some connection thingy.

When I called to see if it was done, cause I wasn't home at the time that he was here, he told me no problem and as we talked I realized that the reason I hadn't thought to call him was because he works in the oilfield and in my mind that is what he fixed, "oilfield hi-speed internet". It never occurred to me that he could fix my house hi-speed internet.

That is when I realized that internet is internet. There is no special internet for the oilfield that's different than mine.

Now, pleeease.... don't write me off just yet. I am not that dumb about these things, inside I knew how it worked but since I've lost my marbles these kinds of moments are happening.

So, if you come across my marbles would you please send them home.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Help! I've lost my marbles

I realized today that when I started blogging I had so many things that I wanted to air about and now that I finally have the time to blog I can't remember them. It makes me think of the movie Hook. The character of Tootles is wandering around the house saying "I've lost my marbles, Ive lost my marbles". Well that is me!

So, I'm wondering if any of you could help me find my marbles?

Hook managed to find Tootles' marbles and brought them back to him and I'm hoping that maybe one of you have found my marbles. If you have please send them to me at this address.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

to gray or not to gray, that is the question

Now that I've got the hair cut under control, another decision comes into play. That is whether or not to color my hair. When is the right age to let the gray start to show?

As I looked around I realized that there are not very many gray haired women. And of those that are gray almost all of them are the age of my parents. I'm a grandma (a young one. lol), so what does that say about my parents age? By the way my parents are not totally gray yet. They somehow managed to get the genes that don't give gray hair. They do have some gray or white but not enough for what their age is. Anyway, my question today is should I color or should I let my natural color come out?

Why is it okay for a man to be gray but a women is over the hill if she is gray? You see gray haired men with women who have beautiful color and that's okay, but when you see a gray haired women with a color haired man you take a second look and wonder what he sees in her.

Well, when I started my mission to get short hair I also decided that I should try letting my hair go to it's natural color and see if I could pull off the look. So far so good, only I am constantly telling people that I'm still hanging in there without color but I'm not sure if I'll make it. Why is it that now that my grays are starting to show I feel like I stand out like a sore thumb and feel I need to justify why I'm not coloring it?

I would like to know when is the right time for gray hair to be acceptable for women? When should we embrace our age without feeling that we are totally finished with being attractive?

I realize that there are many people out there that have found it easy to let go of what we think of as our youthful look. So how do you do it?

For now I'm continuing on with the "embrace your age theory" and I'll just have to see where it will end up. Here's to the mature look!

Monday, September 24, 2007

hair day dilemma

Today is the day to discuss my hair. I have often wondered why it is that we women always put the cutting of our hair at the last of the haircutting priority list. Have you ever wondered why we do that?

I'm always amazed at how I, and maybe I'm the only one, put every one's hair cuts above mine. Not only do I do that with my family, but I even do it with the dog. Yes, can you imagine that? I actually let the dog get beautiful before me. I still can hardly believe it. Some of you may be saying "now there is something I'd never admit," but since this is my blog for airing on about those things that I contemplate, this one is my biggie today. (It's amazing what comes to mind in the shower. lol) Here is how mine unfolded.

I am not a morning person. That makes starting the day very difficult and that includes getting to work. So, I do all I can to make the "getting ready to start the day" seem as painless and the least time consuming as possible. A few months back I came up with the great idea that really short hair was the way to go. I would often hear men talk about how their shaved heads were the best because they could shower and towel dry their hair, then walk out the door. I figured that if men could shave their heads then why couldn't women have really short hair. Now, I'm married to a man who likes my hair a little on the longer side so when I mentioned that I was thinking of this kind of shaved look he was a little unimpressed. Anyway, I was on a mission to make the grooming time a lot less of a hassle.

You got it. I took the plunge and cut it off short. The new look took many of us a week or so to get used to, but now it is the perfect hair for me. It takes about 3 to 5 mins. a day, shaving off the grooming time by 5 or more min. Perfect, I thought. The down side is the growth of short hair and the length of time you have where it is looking acceptable. I happen to be one of those people who grows hair fast, so now I find myself in another dilemma; the dilemma of scheduling, and cost. It seems that I traded one problem for another and so that is how I found myself in the shower wondering who should have the first right to the hair budget. My Hubby, the dog, or myself? The dog turned out to be the first one to dip into the hair account and, because of my contemplation this day, I am going to be second. My hubby unfortunately will be third. (I feel a little bit of guilt but I'm sure it won't take long to get over it. lol)

Well, there it is. My crazy thoughts for this day.

Hope you have a great start to your day with interesting thoughts from your shower. I'd love to hear about your hair dilemmas. Catch you later on another day when my mind gets carried away on another of those strange topics.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Today is the first day of my new life. My life as a blogger.

I'm not computer savvy and so this is a huge step for someone who gets almost paralyzed by fear of doing something that could get me in trouble.

My DH has always been close by to get me out of my computer messes that I often find myself in but this time I am doing something that will be all mine, as he has never blogged before. goes my first attempt at what I hope will be a fun way for me to air on about the crazy things that go on in my head. I understand that pretty much anything can go and that I don't have to be some great writer to be a blogger so I'm excited about the opportunity for me to say some of the things that I find myself contemplating that seem a little crazy to say out loud to anyone that I must see face to face on a daily basis.

I'm a women who is in the middle years of life; not the "over the hill" phase. I think at times that I can see the other side, and I'm sure that some may say I'm looking down the hill, but I like to think of myself as just getting to the crest, where I plan to spend a lot of time. I'm not quite ready to start the journey down. (Think that is possible? lol)

So, I'm setting up camp on my crest where I plan to stay for awhile. I hope you'll stop over and join my "campfire" discussions as I wait out the rest of the journey. BYOS (bring your own s'mores) and let's have some fun!