Monday, December 1, 2008

To do about nothing

Today I feel like posting but I can't think of anything to write so I thought that if I just start maybe something would come to mind.

I just realized that we are starting Dec. and that means only 3 weeks til Christmas. I found that my mind got rather racy at the realization. At my age that is the only thing that's racy about me, other than my heart sometimes. The docs like to call it panic but I don't think that's possible at 50.

Anyway, the panic of Christmas is in the air and for all those who are ahead and almost ready my congratulations go out to you. For me, I haven't even started yet. I have no idea as to what I'm doing in the gift department but I have thought about the food side. That's all I've done, just thought. Oh, I did dig out the snowman welcome for the front door and set it in place.

Here is another strange thought. Have you noticed that we buy outdoor decorations and then hesitate to put them outside because they probably will get stolen. I have now bought 2 different snowmen to be set by the front door but have made places for them inside the house because I don't know how to attach them to the house so that they can't be took. The welcome snow girl sits inside my front door and now my new one will probably go down stairs by the entry to the family room. I have now decided to decorate a little tree with colored lights and put it out front. Not near as nice but if it gets took it isn't much money lost. Who knows maybe I'll still come up with a good idea to attach the new snowman to the railing.

With having renovating the house this year I now have no idea how to decorate for Christmas. I now am missing walls and shelves that used to hold all my Christmas ornaments. (Now there is a reason to feel a little racy. Isn't it amazing what makes our hearts race at this age.)It takes a lot of work to figure out a new pattern for all the things I love to have out.

Well, this turned out to be all about Christmas but there it is, my ramblings for today. Nothing profound just dribble. (Is that even a word or did I manage to make something up based on a sound of some other word?)

Think I'm losing my mind? Could be true. I'm still looking for my marbles along with Tootles off the movie Hook.