Thursday, March 12, 2009

" I think I'm losing my marbles" #2

The other day I had one of those LOL moments. (You have to laugh or you'd just have to cry of embarrassment.)

It was Mon Mar 2 and when I woke up that morning I was in pain. So I figured that a massage was my only chance to get on my feet. I crawled out of bed and phoned the massage therapist asking for an appointment. I knew that I would take anything that she had to offer even if it meant clearing my schedule. As it happened she was able to take me at 1:00pm. I got in the shower and was shaving my legs when it dawned on me that today was the day that I also had me electrolysis appointment at 2:00pm.

I have been seeing my electrolysis lady for years and we have finally got to the place where we are on my swimsuit line. (That means that you don't shave your legs for at least 2 days before your appointment.) As I was finishing my first leg and starting my second leg I realized that today was my appointment and I had just shaved half of my appointment away. I had made this appointment a month before and didn't want to miss it so I decided that I would just leave the rest unshaven. That way I would at least benefit from some of my time and money.

While on my way to massage I thought I'd be a good customer and phone ahead and let my electrolysis lady know that I would be about 10 min. late. I figured it would take an hour for massage and 10 mins to drive across town to the salon. My electrolysis lady's answering machine came on so I left a message knowing that she would probably check it between appointments. As it turned out I was in my car at 2:20, and knowing that I had missed half of my appointment I sped across town while phoning to tell her I was still coming. Once again I got her answering machine. That put me in an even bigger panic. In my mind I could imagine the frustration she would be sharing with the other people there about the tardy customers not realizing how valuable her time is. Well I finally arrive at 2:30. When I got in to the salon my embarrassment hit while I tried to think of how to explain my half shaven state. I could imagine the shock and effort it would take for her not to laugh at what she saw. That is when I burst out laughing at what happens when your mind starts to go.

Chuckling to myself I approached the appointment desk. The lady who sat there looked at me a little strange when I said that I was here for my appointment. She very hesitantly said that she would check the electrolysis appointment book. When she came back she informed me that I was booked in for 2:00 on Mar. 3. "Yes" I said "that's right". She smiled at me and said "Mar. 3 is tomorrow". I burst out laughing and let her know that I was having one of those days. What I omitted was that lately these have been the majority of my days, not really the exception but kind of the norm.

Once again I thought of Tootles off of Hook who walks around frantically saying "I've lost my marbles, I've lost my marbles".

How scary is it to think that Tootles has become one of my kindred spirits?LOL

Anyway, if you are losing your marbles let me know, I'm getting quite good at looking for marbles. Who knows, maybe they're where mine are? LOL

Monday, March 2, 2009

Old Age

Why oh Why does getting older have to be so painful?

I remember when older people would say to me that when you hit 40 it all starts to fall apart. I also remember thinking to myself that I will never be like that. I will keep myself in shape and I won't have to be like that. (As if I had total control of what older age would look like for me.)

In my mind I was the older women who is running down the beach looking like the 20 year old and being the envy of the world. Perfct hair, perfect body, no wrinkles, totally stylish, straight out of the magizine and off the movies. That was going to be me, in my mind.

Now the reality has hit. None of that has happened. I am 50 and falling apart.