Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Electronic World

I am so excited because I have gotten my very first computer. Yes, we have had two computers at our house for a few years but my hubby bought me my very own computer.

It is a mini computer. It is small and is a little tricky to type on because the keyboard is so small. This is not the smallest computer out there but it is about an inch bigger than the littlest one that I have seen. Not counting the I-phone and I-pod-touch.

It strikes me funny that I'm so excited about this because as you all know I'm "electronically challenged". I'm determined to learn this, but as I am with learning Spanish so will I be challenged with learning my computer. However, I am still excited.

Well, that is it for today. Not much but something that I could type on my new computer.

See you later!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

In the past few months I have been busy helping my parents move and as that has come to a close we have had family visiting and it hit me with a tickle that in many ways we resemble the Big Fat Greek Wedding family. Here's the story.

My brother and sister-in-law from Germany came to Canada to help settle their daughter into school. While they were in Canada they took the time to visit Mom and Dad. (Their daughter is going to school in a city that is about 6 hours away.) They only had a few days that they could be here so I decided that it would be a great idea to have those of the family that are around here over for a potluck of sorts supper. That way everyone could see them while they were in town without it being to much running for them. When the evening came it turned out that there were 19 of us for supper. It was great and I actually think that everyone had good time. Of course you can't visit on the same level as if it was one on one but with the time crunch I think it worked out well. That was on a Sat. night.

Tues. morning my sister called and said that she and her daughter and her daughter's husband were coming up to see Mom and Dad. They too, only had two days before they would have to fly out. My niece and her husband are from San Diego and those of us in the family that live here have never met her husband as he is from Costa Rica originally. Once again, I decided that it would be a good idea if everyone came for another potluck supper. (Sat. had worked out so great.) As I was adding up how many would be here if everyone came the number added up to 27, and that is when I realized that we closely resemble My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

The scene that played out in my mind was when Tula takes Ian's parents to meet "The Family". They were expecting to meet 4 people and when they arrived the front yard was full of all the relatives. Ian's mother has fear written on her face as she makes her way to meet Tula's father.

That is how I imagined my niece's husband feeling when he came to meet "The Family". (I couldn't help but laugh.)

The evening turned out great and I actually think that my niece and her husband had a good time.

So, what do you think, we're not Greek but don't you think that it may be somewhere in our blood?

Friday, September 12, 2008

"Why Me Lord?"

You ever see the movie The Last Holiday with Queen Latifah?

Today I feel like Georgia Byrd when she asks over and over "why me Lord?".

I haven't felt well for about a week and I'm finally tired of trying to be positive about it. Today I feel like ranting and raving at God for the decisions he makes. So this post is not going to be the most positive posts that I've written but at least I'll get it off my chest and feel like maybe someone has heard me.

Here are the questions I'd like God to answer:

1. How do you decided who to bless and who not to?

2. How do you decided who to allow to be afflicted with illness and who not to?

3. How do you decided when someones life should be over and why then?

4. Why do you allow some to have optimal health? and how do you see that as fair and loving?

5. Why do you allow some to experience miracles and not others?

6. Why when we're desperate do you seem so far away?

7. Why can't you talk in an audible voice so I can hear and get it first time around?

8. If heaven is so great why make us long to hang on to the here?

9. Why don't you make it easier for us to see your plan?

10. As Georgia Byrd would say "Why me Lord? Why now?".

Although I am asking all these questions please know that there is nothing seriously wrong that I'm aware of, it's just that I'm tired of feeling lousy and I don't make the perfect christian with the up beat attitude in all things. When I don't feel well and I'm tired of it, these thoughts go through my mind. As I look at others and realize that there are so many that have it worse than me, I think to myself "why me and not them?". What makes me think that I should be exempt? I do for a moment feel grateful for where I'm at but then I get overwhelmed and forget. I start to complain and ask all these questions.

So there it is for today. I'll be on a much more positive note next time around.

P.S. Lord, why do you make gray hair on the top of our heads and yet our arms and legs get hairier with dark hair that stands out? Shouldn't it be the other way around?