Monday, July 28, 2008

That tickles my funny bone!

I have noticed that Dick and I have totally different humors. He will laugh at jokes and funny sayings and I laugh at situational humor.

Have you ever seen the show Canada's Worst Handyman?

I find myself rolling on the floor, tears running down my face and hardly able to breath. Dick sits there and watches me wondering what I find so funny. He just doesn't get it. He finds little humor in how bad someone does a project, in fact he thinks that it has to be fake because no one can be that bad. I simply think that yes there really could be people out there that are that bad. I think that I see myself in them. I love the concentration on their faces and how hard they work at things and how they can get it wrong so many times; to the point where they settle for what they can make.

If your watching it this year, Tex is my favorite. I haven't seen all the shows but the few I've managed to watch he was hilarious on. I am still laughing at the things he and the others have done.

Since I started this blog, the show has ended for this season and guess what? Tex wasn't Canada's worst handyman.

What tickles your funny bone?