Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Why, oh why?

Here are some of the whys around going away for a holiday:

1)Why is it that your clothes don't fit when you wore them only 7 months ago?

2)Why are your clothes never the right ones for the occasion causing you to feel that you need to buy new ones?

3) Why do you always get a sore throat and cold just a couple of days before you leave?

4) Why is packing such a dreaded job? (Where are those little elves.)

5) Why do you feel as if your house has to be clean and in perfect order before you leave?

6) Why is it so hard to decided on how many shoes you should take and which ones are the right ones? (This is a biggy for me with my shoe fetish.)

7) Why is it that your suitcase always weighs a lb or 2 less than the maximum weight causing you to stress over how accurate your scale will be to the airport scale?

Even with all the "Whys" it is still worth all the effort for those 10 glorious days of laying on the beach, swimming in the pool and ocean, eating all day long and sleeping til your not tired.

Monday, February 25, 2008

"I think I'm allergic to mornings"

I have come to the conclusion that no matter how hard you try you can't make someone a morning person. If it is possible to be allergic to morning then I think I am. I notice that when I have to get up early that I show the signs of an allergy: puff eyes, watery eyes, dark circle under my eyes, headachy, sometimes stuffy nose, a bit of a sore throat, and a foggy mind.

I have had to get up most every morning the last couple of weeks by 8:00 a.m. Not only have I had to be up but I have had to look as if I am ready to do the day. Up until this time I have had very few times where on an ongoing bases I have had to start my day in this fashion. When the kids were in school we we're up by 7:00 - 7:30 each day but at least I didn't have to be out of my pj's and housecoat, hair looking half way presentable. And after they left I could either climb back into bed for another hour or slump down on the couch and let the early morning run off me. (Yes, I did feel a little guilty that my kids had to have it together so early and I expected them to do it no complaining.) All the years I worked I started work and between 9:00 - 10:00. I used to tell people at work that I didn't wake up til 10:00 and that is why I was so quiet in the morning. I simply can't think before 10. My presence was in body not mind.

Now with contractors arriving by 8:00 a.m. this has been my schedule. I don't want them to think that I'm pathetic or something so I watch the clock and try to time myself to get everything done before they arrive. I find myself longing for the weekend to arrive when its only Tues. By the time Fri. gets here I am giving myself pep talks on how I can do this, "its only one more morning before sleep-in day". "Tomorrow I won't have to watch the clock", trying to sneak in just that last minute of dozing. I rejoice in Sat. morning and the feeling of my bed as I lay there thinking about how great it feels to not have to get up. (Isn't that pathetic?) As a matter of fact, by the time Fri evening comes I am looking forward to going to bed due to exhaustion.

I have wondered if there is something wrong with me. Why I couldn't get it changed around. Yet, in all my acquaintances over the years I have found that when you're a morning person, you're a morning person and when you're a night person, you're a night person. The way I see it is I've been created by God so why try to change what he had planned. It helps me feel better when I think this way. I'm sure that my hubby may disagree with me seeings that he's a morning person. To him morning is the best time of the day. Ugg! But, he loves me anyway and doesn't resent my sleeping in because he is just as happy getting up.

On the topic of mornings all I can say is:
"I think I'm allergic to mornings!"

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

Why is it that making decor decisions is so hard?

As you know we're in the middle of our renos and with us going away for 10 days there are many decisions that have to be made. I am now at the flooring crisis. I say crisis because it is so hard to get it just right and it sometimes feels that we may never get the pick made before the contractors will be here to install. Here are the things that I am learning about this process and about myself.

1) This week I have spent all my spare time looking for flooring and as I come to the end of the week and look back I realize that although I found a pick I like there is now the whole budget thing to factor in. (I must have expensive taste.)
That created another rush around day today looking for the right price to make the budget work. I may even have to take Mon. and Tues. to rechoose my flooring. Crazy isn't it?

2) The other thing that I came to realize about myself was that it is so much easier to pick for someone else than it is to pick for me. I am usually sure of how things will look when I'm helping a friend pick their choices but when it comes to myself I am having a hard time knowing what I will like and be happy living in for the rest of my life. (I'm under the impression that this is a one time deal.) My hubby keeps saying that "you have to be happy with it". I'm not sure if that is his line because it doesn't really matter to him or if he just doesn't want to hear me complain if it doesn't turn out. I must admit that I will be for a time, after everything is all said and done, be looking to see where I should have changed things. I can't help myself that's just the way I am.

3) It matters alot to me what other people think. I want people to come in and love our house. Ooh and ahh over how great it looks. (Vain aren't I?) There's a great deal of pressure that when my friends and family come to look they will not like it and they will realize how lousy my taste really is. How sad is that?

4) I have come to appreciate the stress that others tell about when they're in a building project. There are times when you just want a normal day, one in which you won't have to make another decision.

With all that I have just said things are moving along right on schedule which I am thankful for. I'm still having fun doing this project. It's going to look just great when it's done.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Shaggy Dog

Have you ever seen the movie "The Shaggy Dog" with Tim Allen in it? The dog is 700 or 800 years old. Well if you have then you will understand why I call my dog "The Shaggy Dog".

When our kids were in school, I think the oldest was 12 and the youngest was 8, I allowed the household (including Hubby) to talk me into getting a puppy. After all we all know that every kid should have a pet. The gerbil had finally died, he lasted 2 years and I think that is long for gerbils to live, and the kids just had to have something that they could love. I wasn't fond of rodents and so when the dog came up for discussion, and after much calculation of how long it would live, I consented.

Here was my thought process: the youngest child was 8 and we all know that dogs live for about 10-12 years so that meant that we would have an empty nest at just the right time for hubby and I to start enjoying life. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

Since I gave my consent, our youngest child is married with two small children and guess what? That's right, the dog is still alive. We are still getting a babysitter when we want to go away and we're aging fast. If we don't start to travel soon we'll be in our rocking chairs reminiscing about what?

We have talked about getting rid of the dog many times but it has never seemed like the right time. However, this year we decided to do major renovations on our house and while all this kerfuffle is happening we thought it would be nice to go on a holiday. The dilemma is "What to do with the dog?". We finally decided that maybe it was time to let him go to dog heaven but when the time came to take him to the vet, neither hubby nor I could do it. After all he is part of the family.

A couple of days ago my hubby came home from work and informed me that he had made an appointment with the vet to have the dog checked to see how his health was fairing. I thought this is a good idea and seeing that the dog was as best as we could figure 14-15 this would confirm that he was on his last legs and that the loving thing for us to do was put him to sleep and save him some pain. That was going to make this decision so much easier.

Well, we have the shaggy dog. Our vet visit was unbelievable. It turns out that we have a 17 year old dog and he is in amazingly good health. He has some plaque on his teeth and a little arthritis in his back hip area. He is going blind and he is quite deaf but other than that he is in amazing health. He does not have the body of a 17 year old dog, he has a much younger one. Our vet said that he could in no good conscience recommend that we put this dog to sleep. As we drove home there were mixed feelings in the truck. Disappointment at the loss of our freedom and relief that the dog was in such good health.

So, there you have it. I live with the shaggy dog. I think he just may live to be 700 years old. All we really accomplished in all of this was to make our decision even harder than before.

Sometimes ignorance is bliss and this is one time where I think that would have been. Sigh!

We really do love our dog.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"To Flush or Not To Flush?"

I have just got back from a week of holidaying and I found that I had one pet peeve while traveling. "Automatic Flush Toilets"

Have you ever noticed how those crazy things flush at all the wrong times?

It seemed to me that every time I'd get in the cubicle and close the door all of a sudden there would be flushing happening. Then just as I'd get comfortable and about ready to take care of business it would flush again.(It kind of gives the experience of a bedday (can't spell that word) LOL) When I'd finish what I came to do and I'm all back together again, there is no way that the toilet will flush. I stand there flapping my arms hoping to trigger the motion sensor and frantically trying to figure out how to get the flush to happen so that I can get out of there.

It would shock you to know how many times this happened to me.

Not only were the automatic toilets a pain but so were the automatic sink faucets. It seemed as if I always picked the one that didn't work. It would work for the person after me but not for me. (I can't figure out what I do wrong.) Others in the restroom would look at me and wonder what was wrong with this woman who moved down the row of sinks waving her hands. Oh well, I always seemed to find one that would work. It was always a great relief to get that job over with.

This got me to wondering if this is how it works for men. Do they have automatic urinals and do they flush at random times just like womens washroom toilets?

Well, there you have it. That is what has been on my mind lately. It's Sad but True!