Monday, March 2, 2009

Old Age

Why oh Why does getting older have to be so painful?

I remember when older people would say to me that when you hit 40 it all starts to fall apart. I also remember thinking to myself that I will never be like that. I will keep myself in shape and I won't have to be like that. (As if I had total control of what older age would look like for me.)

In my mind I was the older women who is running down the beach looking like the 20 year old and being the envy of the world. Perfct hair, perfect body, no wrinkles, totally stylish, straight out of the magizine and off the movies. That was going to be me, in my mind.

Now the reality has hit. None of that has happened. I am 50 and falling apart.


Anonymous said...

you're not old yet, because that would mean I'm middle aged and I refuse to be middle aged. Plus, it doesn't matter what you look like, it matters what your person is like. The personality is what makes the person look better or worse......always and at any age.

Anonymous said...

My mind says I am still 25. I choose to believe my mind and not my body. The body ages, but my mind remains young, hip, stylish and with-it. But once I lose my mind - I don't want to go there!!!

airingon said...

Anonymous 1
Thanks for reminding me that I'm not old yet. I'll have to work on that personality thing.LOL

Anonymous 2
The mind is a marvelous thing. At least we still look good there.LOL
The loss of mind is a scary thing. I know as you will see in my next blog.