Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm Greek!

I realize that it has been a really long time since I have been to visit you but today I'm working around my kitchen and feeling a little bit like I have a chuckle bursting to get out. So I will once again try my hand at writing my thoughts and see if you may get a smile. (It is hard at this time in life for me to know if it is my funny bone laughing or just hormones. So you'll have to let me know.)

As I have been making supper I have not been able to get the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" off my mind. You see, tonite we are having Vegetable Moussaka. We have just discovered this dish and it is so yummy that it makes me think that in some vague way I resemble a Greek chef. Yes, it is a dish that is so out of the ordinary that you kinda feel like you may have some special talent in the area of cooking. (If any of you know me, you know that I do not enjoy cooking. I love eating but the prep of food is a task I do not enjoy. That is one more reason I feel Greek, the love of eating.) Anyway, back on track, in the movie Tula says at the start how she just wanted to be like all the other girls with their wonder bread sandwiches but she had to eat Greek foods like moussaka. Ever since then I have wanted to know what moussaka was and what it tasted like. Although this recipe doesn't have the meat in it that Tula's aunt so shockingly couldn't understand when Ian informs them that he's a vegetarian, it is still extremely good.

Anyway, with the smell of it cooking I feel as if I should break out dancing around my kitchen saying "om pah". And then I find myself wondering if the next time you see me you will notice that I'm looking a little more Greek. (Just as Ian did to Tula's aunt.)

So, for now I will do a little jump and twirl in the air and raise my hand with my imaginary glass and say "Om pah".

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