Friday, February 6, 2009


Wow! Here it is 2 months later than my last post and I find that I'm struggling finding time to write.

So, that today is my big frustration. All my friends and family find all kinds of time to be on their computers blogging, e-mailing, ect. and I can never seem to take enough time to blog which is one of my favorite things to do.

I have e-mails that I want to send and yet it seems that when I get the computer booted up and ready to write that something always comes up.

Please help me figure out where I missing the mark on organizing my time to get these things done. Any suggestions? I'm all ears. (If your still out there and checking this sight out.)


Celine said...

I'm on here way to much, I'm not able to get anything else done in my life.

Anonymous said...

We must return to the days when we actually had 24 hours. Mine have been shortened to 15 hour days. I really can't accomplish anything either. DM

airingon said...

So you to have to learn to conquer the art of juggling this computer into your life. It's so good to no be alone!LOL

So that's what has happened, they've shortened the days to 15 hours. Here I thought that it was my problem for not having enough time but it's not! Yahoo!!! Thanks for setting me straight, it sure feels good.